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Cork Recycling At Wine Works

You can now bring your used and leftover corks to Wine Works for recycling! Simply come by the shop and deposit them in the large box provided by our recycling partner: ReCORK.

As wine lovers, we’ve always been a fan of cork. After all, it’s kept our wines in the bottle and tasting good for years. Through our partnership with ReCORK, we’ve learned some new information that opened our eyes and hearts to cork even further, for the fantastic natural material that it is.

Did you know that cork is actually the bark of a tree? It’s harvested by hand every 9 years and this process actually extends the life of the tree up to 200 years! By recycling your cork you’re helping to extend the life even further, re-purposing this incredible natural material into another creative use.

We encourage everyone to recycle their corks and welcome anyone in the community with some wine corks sitting around to leave them with us. They’ll continue their journey of usefulness and eventually find a good home, maybe in the form of a yoga brick or surf board traction pad.