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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to the most common questions about Wine and Beer Making. Feel free to call or contact us if you have a question that isn’t listed here.




Why would I make wine or beer?

Craft Winemaking is an Experience. The art of craft winemaking has changed drastically over the last few years.  People used to make their own wine for the simple fact that it was an inexpensive alternative but let’s be honest, it wasn’t always what you expected.  Today, the craft wine and beer making process has been revolutionized to produce high quality products that people love.

Craft Winemaking is Fun. Craft winemaking offers first-time winemakers an easy introduction to the experience of craft winemaking. It is a stress-free pastime that is unique in experience. Craft winemaking is fun whether you do it by yourself or with friends.

Be Proud of your Wine. Take pride and ownership in your own wine or beer.  Share it with friends and family while entertaining or as a gift. Craft winemaking offers you the opportunity to create a custom wine cellar.

It’s Cost-Effective. Craft your own fabulous vintage for a fraction of the cost and all of the taste and quality.  Make entertaining more affordable by keeping a wide selection of great wines on hand that go with any type of meal that you serve.  Our wines taste just as good, and often better, as some of your favourite wine brands.

Convenience. By crafting your own wine and keeping a stocked cellar, you will always have bottles on hand and save trips to your local liquor store.

It’s Green! You always have the option to reuse your wine bottles when you bottle your next wine kit.

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How many bottles does a batch of wine and beer make?

A batch of wine usually results in 30 standard bottles (750 mL).

Each batch of beer produces 23 litres, the equivalent of two and half cases of beer (66 standard 341 mL bottles) from the Beer Store. The number of bottles you end up with, of course, depends on how big your bottles are.

How much does it cost?

Our prices depend on the type of wine or beer you’re making. Wines made from juice and concentrate range from $110.00 to $200.00 per batch (30 bottles), depending on the type of wine.  That amount includes the wine,  custom labels, tops and taxes.

 A 23 litre batch of beer is $50.00 to $60.00. (less than a buck a beer)

See our wine and beer pages for more information.

How do I get started making wine or beer?

The process is very simple.  You can come in and we will help you choose the wine or beer that most closely matches what you would like.  You can check out our About Our wines and Beer page and start to get familiar with what is available.  Then come on in.  No appointment required.

How do I know which wine or beer to make?

We will explain some of the differences between our products and look at taste profiles to match a product to what you are currently enjoying.  We will ask some questions like “What do you currently spend for a bottle?” or “How long will you age the wine before consuming it?”   “Will you be drinking this with food, socially or both?” These will help us find a match so you will be happy with you wine or beer.

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What happens to the wine or beer before I bottle it?

Once you have selected your product, it will take just minutes for you to add the yeast and other ingredients.  After that, we take care of the rest.

Come on in and we’ll show you the details of what we do to nurture your wine or beer to completion.  When it’s ready, we’ll call you to book a time to come in and bottle your finished product.

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What can I expect when it’s time to bottle my wine?

When you arrive at your appointed time, we will be ready for you.  Your bottles must be clean of debris and it’s better if labels are removed but not necessary.  A station will be prepared for you to sanitize and rinse your bottles.

While you are doing that, we will ask you to think about your labels.  This is the fun part.  While you are filling and corking, we’ll be preparing and printing your custom labels.  You will then apply the labels and the shrink tops to give your bottles a professional look.

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What can I expect when it’s time to bottle my beer?

When you arrive at your appointed time, we will be ready for you.  Your bottles must be clean of debris.  A station will be prepared for you to sanitize and rinse your bottles.  Common acceptable bottles are swing top bottles, plastic PET bottles and commercial beer bottles with either twist or pop tops.  All that’s left to do is to fill your bottles and cap them.

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Now that my wine is bottled, what do I do?

Take your wine home and keep it upright for 2 to 7 days after which you should then store it on its side until you are ready to enjoy a bottle.  Store it in a cool place that does not change in temperature and is out of direct sunlight.

How long you let it age depends on the amount of juice you started with and how full-bodied the wine is. Don’t worry, we’ll give you advice on this. Your wine will last from 6 months to several years depending on how it’s stored and how full-bodied the wine is.  These of course are general rules and it depends on how thirsty you are!!

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Now that my beer is bottled, what do I do?

Take your beer home and keep it at between 21C and 23C for at least 1 week during which time it will carbonate. Once that happens, the sediment will fall to the bottom and the beer will clear.

You can keep it at room temperature until ready to drink then put it in the fridge or, put the beer in a cool place to enjoy when you’re ready.  Some beers age over time but that is a personal preference.

The sediment doesn’t hurt you but it may have a bit of an off flavor so, pouring it into a glass keeps sediment from mixing into the beer when you’re drinking it.

The shelf life is at least a year in glass but in plastic bottles it is shorter

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