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apple-cider-300Fermented apple juice makes a cider that is lower in ABV compared to wine. Great chilled over ice or all on its own. They can be prepared either sparkling or still and enjoy in as little as 2 weeks.

10 litre kits are a great way to sample ciders or select a few for a variety. Contact us for still prices. Prices listed are for sparkling ciders



  • Black Rock Cider 23 litres $60

    A sparkling cider with a superb refreshing taste and light golden colour. Harvested from premium pip fruit orchards to produce the taste and clarity demanded by the homebrewer.

  • Fontana Apple Cider 10 litres $40

    Fontana Cider – Apple Cider The Taste of delicious Orchard Apples. Light & crisp with a Juicy Apple bite. Enjoy anytime. chilled or on ice.

  • Fontana Mixed Berry Cider 10 litres $40

    Fontana Cider – Mixed Berry Cider A Sweet Apple base with a refreshing burst of Summer Berries including delicious Raspberries & Blackcurrants. Serve over ice.

  • Fontana Spiced Apple Cider 10 litres $40

    Fontana Cider – Spiced Apple Cider Sweet juicy apples with a sprinkling of cloves, a dusting of warming cinnamon. A hearty cider for the winter or for any time of year.Serve chilled or over ice.

  • Fontana Strawberry Cider 10 litres $40

    Fontana Cider – Strawberry Cider Fresh Strawberries coupled with Juicy Pear. This cider is sweet & fruity. Especially good when served chilled on a hot summer’s eve.

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